My Father’s Day Tribute to My Dad

Dad, this blog is written for you today, In hopes that you can see the footprints that you made in life. You have left a legacy. The leadership you have shown over the years have taught me so many things. I just want to say thanks for your love and discipline along the way.  I want you to know some of the lessons you have taught me and they are still providing strength for today. So I guess you are eager to know what they are, huh. These are lessons that anybody could use to be successful in life. So I have chosen to share them here so your values may impact others as they have me.

My Dad at Jessica's Wedding

Lessons from My Dad:

1. Never be scare to try something new. I have seen you scuba drive, go sky diving,  ride motorcycles,  become a black belt in Karate, go kayaking in rough white water or to even build your own speakers for your sound system.

2. You have taught me the importance of eating healthy and the impact that it can have on the quality of life.

3.  The example of staying committed to the same woman and I was so proud when Anita and I attended your 50 year wedding anniversary several years ago.

4. You have taught me to the importance of encouragement when I have experienced it after sharing my stories with you over the years.

5.  The importance of doing well in school. I remember the $5 cash for every “A” or “E” that we got on our report cards.

6.  You taught me to respect authority. An important lesson that has come to my aid many times over the years.

7.  You modeled the desire to be a life long learner and to drink deeply from good books.

8.  The way you can stretch a dollar has taught me to be careful with my money.

and finally – the way you have always communicated regularly by email. Even though we may not always have time to read the many articles that you send us – we always know you are thinking about us and you really want us to enjoy the best life. So Dad – Thanks for planting your love and care into my garden. The fruit that has come forth is a reflection of your hard work. May this day be filled with the sense that your son  deeply appreciates your hand of guidance over the years.  Happy Father’s Day!

Sky Diving

Motorcycle Rider

50 year Wedding Anniversary - Alabama Senator Henry Erwin presents a resolution

My Dad

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