Enthusiasm is Contagious…

Enthusiasm is contagious

This week I have been reminded of the importance of enthusiasm and attitude in the workplace. While hosting 200 new freshmen in the 102 degree heat of Texas, it is easy to let our environment dictate our physical mood and even our mental approach to our work.

However, I found the enthusiasm of  student orientation leaders to be very contagious. Their excitement about serving these students was both refreshing and contagious to the other workers. I witnessed so many smiles by the new students and their parents as they entered the room and it was celebrated by this group with loud applause.  Every time somebody was introduced – this group shared the same wonderful excitement. Their attitude made the experience so much fun. Those smiles motivated me to give my best.

Each of us brings an attitude to work everyday. Do you see the hole in the donut or the donut? The power of this positive energy is often overlooked.

Energetic leaders have impact

Our actions can be contagious. Attitude is everything…if you don’t believe me – try using some negative or discouraging words with your coworkers. They will immediately feel the impact of your thoughts or bad mood.  On the other hand, when you show excitement about their work and value,  it will have an effect on your level of cooperation and most importantly – future outcomes. Your enthusiasm shows your confidence and actually lifts their chances  that it can be achieved.

Most great leaders don’t overlook the power of enthusiasm in their approach to building a positive work environment. They are intentional about planning it on a daily basis. This approach will involve the following principles and are not just left to chance:

  1. They look for the strengths of their employees and let them know how much they appreciate their contribution. They catch them doing something great and tell them.
  2. They hire people who have positive work habits and respect for others.  They are givers and not takers.
  3. Great leaders take care of their mood swings by eating right, good sleep habits and exercise regularly to lower their stress levels. This allows them to maximize the necessary energy to maintain a positive outlook. In many cases, leaders never reach their potential because they can’t find enough personal discipline  to create a healthy lifestyle.  This advantage starts with keeping promises to yourself first and then to others.
  4. Surround yourself  with great friends who bring out the best in you. Be careful to select people who can inspire you to make positive changes.  Better yet – become that type of friend.
  5. Being energetic is a choice – it is an attitude that doesn’t operate like you feel, but always resist by offering a warm smile and positive words. It will have impact on others and changes the way you feel in the process.

When we refuse to allow our physical energy level to control our attitude  – then our enthusiasm will  become contagious to others. Great leaders understand that encouragement and energy can be a powerful tool. So look out for enthusiastic people – or become one yourself. And benefit from the amazing effect it can have on both you and others.

Question: What do you do to bring more encouragement or enthusiasm to your team?
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3 thoughts on “Enthusiasm is Contagious…

  1. It is important in my line of work to give constructive criticism if needed on the graphic designing concepts of the students. I always start with encouraging remarks, highlighting what is good about their design and then slightly suggest tweaking here and there by saying something like, “I wonder what it would look like if . . .”. Before you know it, they start making suggestions on how they can make it better and it turns out to be something grand!

  2. I found your statement, “Our actions can be contagious”, to be central to what I do. As an organizer and life coach for my non-profit organization, people are attracted by what they see or at least what they hear about us. And since our individual agencies merge to create a character for the organization, then our individual life is, pretty much, our organization’s brand.

    I like those 5 principles you highlighted. Energetic leaders dedicate time to building themselves from within. They are open to be led from their own inner resources [the Christ within]. Then, they just let the life within speak. “… streams of living water flows from within” John 7:38.

    Thanks Mr. Ray.

  3. In my leadership training class, I know a leader must be influential. It is one of the 360 degree attitudes. In order to be influential one has to be energetic to led. A effective leader should have the power of enthusiasm in their approach bringing positive environment. I absolutely agree with the Mr. Ray’s point that action is contagious. There is no doubt negative words have negative and immediate impact in our environment and our employees and vice versa. So leader’s enthusiasm is very important bringing the positive level of thinking, which can positively influence the environment and the organization. Absolutely, enthusiasm in behavior is a sure shot way to improve organization and employees performance. It is a powerful tool should not be overlooked, and the best quality and always brings the best in you.

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