Embracing Needed Change

Do you remember anybody signing your high school yearbook with “Just stay the way you are?” Do we really want to never change? I think we will all agree that change is necessary for growth. So why do we resist change in general especially when others suggest it? I think we all desire stability and comfort in our everyday lives.

Creating change that stands out

Some changes happen over time and these kinds of changes seem to go under the radar. Weight gain is one of those changes that slip by most people because it may just be only 1-2 pounds per year. Then ten years later – you have gained 10-15 pounds and it changes the way you look.

Other types of change are more dramatic – our choices can create a rapid transition or we set a goal to create some kind of major change. This happens more at the beginning of a new year where there an opportunity for a fresh start.  So how can we manage these changes for long term positive gains?

  1. Make it a goal and write it down – tell others so they can help you stay focused on meeting that goal. Research reveals that people who write now their goals are more successful that those who don’t.
  2. Reward yourself with progress towards that change. Share your progress to get that necessary encouragement from family or friends.
  3. Change is never easy. It will always get worse before it gets better. Set-backs have to be treated as short term problems that can be worked around with increased focus and hard work.
  4. Planning and knowledge are keys to successful changes. They must be made with a long term mindset. Look for ways that others have reached this same change. Often they will be a source of motivation.
  5. A little progress is better than none each week. Some changes take time to achieve. Celebrate the progress each week. Try to look for the good in your change by keeping a positive attitude about taking small steps.

Remember if change was easy – everybody would be doing it. When you making a major change, always burn the old ship mentally, and don’t allow yourself to think about how it was before – realize that we all love to seek what is comfortable.  Change can create new opportunities for personal growth and productivity.

Fear and comfort can be the enemy of change. Change should be planned carefully and then mental discipline and determination will be the key to your success.

Do what you should do, when you should do it, whether you feel like it or not. There are 999 tips for success but none work w/o discipline” Unknown Author

Are there changes you should make today that would improve your life or family? If so, why not now?

Your feedback or opinions are encouraged…GTR

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