We are Leaders Because of How We Choose to Respond

Being given a new title, or the authority or power that comes with a position doesn’t make you a leader. I have seen lots of people who gain access to a leadership job for a number of reasons. Sometimes people are promoted because of family connections, internal politics, or simply the length of their service. In many cases, this puts an individual into work challenges that they are not ready to handle.

Leaders take ownership

On the other hand, let’s say you think you’re ready to lead or you are leading a group now. I would like to suggest that we focus on one aspect of leadership that is often overlooked. The area would center on taking ownership or personal responsibility for the results. So what does that mean? It means – no matter what – your assignment is to get the job done. No excuses – or room for failure. You simply plan for getting the job done despite the poor economy, money, lazy boss or any other obstacles.

Many times it is too easy to delegate our part of the work and then blame others if the results are not up to expectations. This kind of manager blames the market conditions or others for the poor outcomes. They build a safe wall between management and the employees. Ownership in leadership is taking the view that you are truly responsible for what happens. One team – win or lose. You set the tone in your work to match the challenge. We are leaders because of how we choose to respond to these challenges and opportunities.  You might be asking how the leader can do all the work. A good leader utilizes the strengths of the different members of the team to meet the goal. They avoid given assignments to others to just delegate or lighten the load for themselves.

The ability to assume this important ownership and strength based delegation is often the difference in success and failure.   Are you taking this kind of ownership in your job? If not, why not?  Are you utilizing the strengths of those around you?

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