Are You an Arrogant Leader? – Take the Test

Confidence and arrogance are a fine balance in leadership. Arrogance is very dangerous in leadership. Arrogance is defined as an attitude of superiority manifested in an overbearing manner or in presumptuous claims or assumptions. Here are some possible symptoms of an arrogant leader.

How many do you think your employees will find in your leadership style?

1. Use condescending phrases and talk about others behind their backs

2. Interrupt conversations … frequently in meetings

3. Have an answer for every problem without doing their homework

4. Arrive consistently late to meetings … and don’t apologize

5.    Always dropping  names or connections to others

6.    Believe their success is because of their own abilities and talents.

7.    They are quick to point out the mistakes of others and rarely take the blame for anything that goes wrong.

8.    They know the best way, and find it burdensome to give others the stage.

9.    They don’t care about the details.

10.  They are interested in extra headlines, not deadlines.

11.  Serving the greater good takes a back seat to serving their own needs or interest.

12.  Arrogant leaders are threatened by the other “good”  campus leaders.

13.  They don’t pass make a habit of passing the credit down to their support team

14.  An arrogant leader is the opposite of a servant leader.

15.  Arrogant leaders ignore warnings and they don’t seek advice from others

16.   They think they know more than their supervisor and they don’t take advantage of their wisdom or experience.

17.  They talk more than they listen. Usually the conversation is about their interests or experiences.

18.  They delegate to others at the last minute because of poor work ethics

19.   Repeat assignments that don’t get much attention are no longer wanted

20.  They like to take on assignments to show others that they can do it better.(motive)
Leadership greatness and respect can only happen when it is fueled by personal humility. Humility can fuel great performance and long term respect. Do you know someone who fits this description?

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