Leadership Book Recommendation: “Monday Morning Leadership” by David Cottrell

This book was sent to me as a gift several years ago. My first thought was to set it aside but I began reading and could not stop until I finished the book. I purchased the book for my leadership team and began discussing the chapters in this book.

Book review

The book author hits the nail on the head with his mentoring sessions for the struggling mid career manager. The mentor, Tony, leads “Jeff” about what it takes to be successful, and how to remain successful.

Tony spends eight Monday mornings with Jeff learning easy to apply leadership theories.  The 112 page book has some excellent tips for leadership success. This is a short book that should be in your leadership library.

In their eight Monday morning sessions, the manager Jeff learns the following lessons:

1) Drivers and Passengers (accept total responsibility for results w/o excuses; be a leader rather than a follower)

2) Keep the Main Thing The Main Thing (Focus on few critical needs and be certain everyone knows them)

3) Escape From Management Land (Get and stay close to your top people and help your best improve)

4) The “Do Right Rule” (Act with integrity)

5) Hire tough (Only hire and retain top performers)

6) Do Less or Work Faster (Manage time carefully by being more efficient at what you do)

7) Buckets and Dippers (Respect, recognize and cheer on your people)

8).  Enter the Learning Zone (Continuous learning through reading, listening, trying new approaches, helping others)

You can purchase the book at Amazon


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