A Filing Tip for Busy Leaders

Many years ago, I was a high school principal in Atlanta area. I had one high school parent who was president and owner of a time management company. He invited me to a free training session so I took him up on the offer. This one filing tip that I learned  that day has been such a great help over the years. So what is the filing tip?

Filing Tip for Busy Leaders

The goal is to handle mail or office paperwork once by either making a decision on it or filing it away until you can act on it. The magic key to filing it away is always by the person’s last name. This system reduces the time to shuffle through stacks of paper on your desk every day to find a certain document.

Then simply add it to your task list for a specific day ahead.  On your task list – you refer to the communication record like this – Call Michael Wells about his bid (CR-W). You then can forget it until that day. The (CR) is communication record tag makes it easy to find it quick. If you happen to get a call from Michael before that day – just pull the record by using their last name. Simple but powerful.  Saving wasted hunting time allows you to be more productive during your day.


Are you hunting for documents on a regular basis?


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