10 Important Email Tips for Leaders

I have seen so many mistakes in using email so I decided to research some tips for leaders. Here are my top ten suggestions. These are taken from http://101emailetiquettetips.com/

1.  Read your email out loud to ensure the tone is that which you desire. Try to avoid relying on formatting for emphasis; rather choose the words that reflect your meaning instead. A few additions of the words “please” and “thank you” go a long way!

2. Refrain from using the Reply to All feature to give your opinion to those who may not be interested. In most cases replying to the Sender alone is your best course of action.

3. Be sure the Subject: field accurately reflects the content of your email.

4. Keep emails brief and to the point. Save long conversations for the old fashioned telephone.

5. Think about your motives when adding addresses to To:, CC:, BCc. Use your discretion.

6. With emotionally charged emails, wait until the next morning to see if you feel the same before clicking Send.

7. If you bold your type, know you are bolding your statement and it will be taken that way by the other side – X10!

8. Try not to make assumptions when it comes to email. Always ask for clarification before you react.

9. Think of your business email as though it was on your business letterhead and you’ll never go wrong!

10. Be very careful how you use Reply to All and Cc: in a business environment. Doing so for CYA or to subtlety tattle can backfire and have your viewed as petty or insecure.

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