How Do You Find New Inspiration?

I have always enjoyed the feelings of being inspired when I visit my son in Savannah, GA and you see the great art work in every store or displayed on restaurant walls. I find myself studying the possible meaning of these paintings.  The detail of the paint strokes can make it seem so real.

Even conversations with creative people or successful leaders can help you to see a new approach for looking at old things.  Being a developing photographer – I am always amazed at the different angles that people capture when shooting the same event. The use of great lighting or right angle can make or break the shot. I love the way they approach the process differently, and how they find the passion or desire to find this special inspirational in their photos. It may be the one thing that makes their work unique.

Runners have reported finding their problem solving moments while out on the road running. They said it is a time when stress is lowered and your mind is getting lots of oxygen. Writers may find their  inspiration from life stories or by reading the books of other authors that shape their ideas or characters in their stories.  Inventors get their inspiration from seeing a problem that no one has solved and then an idea for the solution stretches their imagination. Then, it  becomes a process of eliminating things that don’t work.

In leadership, you don’t have to be considered the creative type to find this new inspiration for ongoing problems in your work.  Inspiration comes from a deeper view of the issues where you can challenge the current procedures by saying what if we did it this way  – what would happen.   If you like me, sometimes these ideas come and you wake up in the middle of the night and you know you need to write them down.

As leaders, we face very complex problems that require a lots of wisdom. Problem solvers usually get promoted because of their value to the organization.  My best ideas usually come when I’m alone and my mind is fresh. I call these “moments of inspirations” and they can be great confidence builders if they are successful.

Finding this inspiration is a real strength for today’s leaders?

How do you find inspiration? Care to share ?

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