10 Work Tips That Will Make You More Productive


Productive Tips

 1.    Start with the most important tasks

Most people have a set start-up routine in the morning. You should always start work by doing the most important items on your task list first and not the most urgent things. Many times our own staff will try to make lower tasks more urgent than they really are. In many cases – your ability to manage this priority order will determine your level of success.

2.    Organization of your work space will save you time

Let’s face it – many desks have not gone green and the papers have piled up so high that you are always hunting the documents you need for meetings. I suggest filing these papers of the last name of the person. You can note the A-Z file location in your daily to-do list. Many of you may be scanning the documents and placing them under the project name or person. Either works well.

3.    Don’t check personal email in the morning

I find that checking personal email during my most productive time can be real distracting. This includes Face book messages, YouTube videos, jokes, or interesting articles that others forwarded to you over the weekend. It is best to start right into your work list and take advantage of that early focus.  

4.    Make the most of your prime time

I don’t know about you but we all have times in the day where we feel most productive. We should schedule our work to take advantage of that prime time. In many cases, most people either sit in meetings or waste their best minutes of the day. Try to arrange phone calls, meetings or lower priority events to other parts of the day.

5.    Make an appointment with yourself

If you don’t schedule time in your calendar for important project work time, you may find your schedule filled with appointments. This is a common problem for leaders who work in a place that strives on meetings.

6.    Do not try to multitask

Doing one task at a time has proven to reduce mistakes and improve your focus. There is a reason why they don’t want you to text and drive at the same time, right?

7.    Use the 50 minute rule to be more productive

It is proven that 50 minutes of focus time followed by 10 minutes of break can lead to greater productivity and less mistakes.  

8.    Plan 15 minutes every day for the next day

There is a bonus if you are able to hit the ground running each morning because you have spent the last 15 minutes of the previous day planning. This helps you to leverage your time and to prioritize the work when it is fresh on your mind. Being proactive and thinking through the potential issues and action steps makes you more productive.

9.    Get rid of unessential meetings

I think I have heard managers said they have an open door policy – I find this can be a real distraction especially if you are in the middle of an important deadline. It is best to schedule regular times with your team leaders to avoid breaking your concentration.

10. Break big projects into daily small steps.

Many people put off big projects until the pressure is on. I would recommend breaking the project into smaller steps and work them into your daily task list. That way if you have a crisis at the office – you still have a chance of meeting the deadline. You should plan a set-back into your schedule since most copiers don’t work when you’re under pressure, right? GTR

What tips would you add to the list?

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3 thoughts on “10 Work Tips That Will Make You More Productive

  1. Gary,

    I useful bit of advice that I received was to do the tasks that you hate doing, first. I find it too easy to make excuses for not doing those essential items that aren’t as “sexy” as some of the other items on the to-do list. Over a period of time, however, getting those esential items completed on a consistent basis, allow me to really enjoy the fun stuff.

    Great list!

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