This Is Your Moment

Today, I had the opportunity to visit the US Olympic Training facilities in Colorado Springs. The opening of the tour started with a 10 minute inspirational movie on how these athletes are driving towards their dream of being the best in the world.  The phrase – “this is your moment” jumped out to me. Everyone has to make a decision to take the steps to become the best at what you do.

This is Your Moment

That decision requires a new pattern of thought. You know you are going to have some bad days but everyday is a new opportunity to take steps to reach that goal.  A fresh determination each day is critical to drive your actions to read, train or adjust your thinking to get there.

These athletes come from around the US to get the best instruction. The quotes on the wall are part of developing the winning spirit. The one I liked the most said ” Practice like you are the worst –  but play like you are the best!” This is setting the right tone for daily work because that is what it takes to become better. Most people don’t want to pay the cost to be better. Many races are won by just inches or split seconds so everything matters. We all remember the new NASA suit that Michael Phelps wore to break so many swimming records.

Most of us will never be an Olympic athlete, but we can be great leaders, husbands, wives or parents.  So This is Your Moment! What personal goal have you been putting off to do? As Nike says – Just Do it!   GTR

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