When Communication Is Hindered

Many times when email communication is going well and something happens and you assume they have got your message or you just don’t get a timely response. This can be a real leadership creditability problem. They assume you are just not answering or don’t want to address the issue.

In today’s society – we have learned to communicate too often by email and not enough in person. The tone of email are even misunderstood. In many cases, it could simply be a email technical problem or a situation that is unknown to the leader.

My suggestion – when this happens – try to use other ways to make your contact. In one case this week, I was asked if I got the important email only to discover I had some email spam trouble that I am still working to correct. In this case, it was not a desire not to respond but the message never arrived in my inbox. When this happen – communication can be cut off. Technology is great when it works but can kill your reputation when it doesn’t deliver the message. The best suggestion when you are getting no response is to use other ways to communicate your message. You may just find you get a faster response to your question.

Also, you never know how many email are in the inbox of your supervisor. When that load get heavy – the speed of getting a timely decision goes down. Try Scheduling a personal appointment or try to connect in other way is always critical. You need to know for sure that your message is on deck and is high priority –

It is always best to try to diversify your communication approach. When you communicate in different ways – you will find that it works on important decisions – and it’s necessary. Leaders never mind you using different ways to show that need for quick answers to important items.  


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