Ways to Guarantee Failure with People

These are not sophisticated, but rather lessons that have been learned from meeting lots of different types of people over the years.

1. You are a Loner – You would rather go off on your own that to take time to mix with the group.
2. You talk more than you listen, people hate when you interrupted them and don’t listen
3. You give advice before they ask. This is a great way to kill a good conversation
4. You are argumentative and like that kind of exchange with your contacts.
5. You are unforgiving for folks who have made mistakes.
6. Your words humiliates or dominate other people.
7. You drop the ball when others are counting on you to cover your part.
8. You like making fun of other people.
9. You can’t be trusted to keep a secret
10. You are two-faced and tend to say what you think they want to hear.
11. You are negative and can be critical
12. You are a mooch. You depend on others to provide all the time.
13. You never think you’re wrong on issues
14. You are lazy and unmotivated
15. and finally – you talk about others behind their back.

These characteristics are found in people who seem to have relationship problems. Have you met them?

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