Communication of Great Leaders

As important is vision is to a leader – communication enables them to clearly set the stage for what is possible. There is nothing worse that sitting in a 60 minute meeting and leaving and wondering what was really said. Communication must be clear and concise when you are setting the right tone. If you do it well – then others will begin to share the dream and even take ownership that it will happen during their tenure.

A leader’s voice should set them apart from the others. When they speak, you notice others stop to listen. Try observing in your next meeting at work – when someone speaks – see who is listening. There are informal leaders who have no titles. Their opinions matter and can influence others.

Words are a powerful tool. Once you said them – they can’t be taken back so make them count. Some leaders just talk too much. Great leaders always make their words count and capture the attention of those that listen. Usually, they are eternal optimist. Their long-term relationships and influence come from these positive words that elevate the belief that you are capable of doing something special.

Communication provides motivation and value. Believing it is possible and pushing an individual is not just flattery – but they are words of inspiration.

“We are not limited, not by our abilities, but by our vision and communication skills.”

A vision should not be communicated in what could be, but it is appeal to become something greater. Great leaders don’t settle for anything less than something great.
Information is given out but communication is getting through…

Are you communicating in a way that is clear, precise and motivating? If not now – then when will you start? GTR – I’m running to win the prize!

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2 thoughts on “Communication of Great Leaders

  1. Sage advice for those who want to inspire and motivate their crew. A merciful minimum of words that best conveys an idea spares time, effort and attention spans.

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