Influence Begins with People Skills

Great leaders never sit in their ivory tower and just fire email to everyone across the ranks. They go to where the action is and this is called managing by the walking around. You can’t influence people if you don’t have a relationship.

Real leaders have a heart for people. They care about other people and they interested in getting to know them. The highest compliment you can give another people is to listen and truly focus on them instead of trying to tell them what you want them to know about you. Caring leaders ask questions or say “what do you think we should do?” They are not threatened by listening or asking questions. When you do this – you are saying they have something to contribute. Many times involving them in the importance discussions will express your values.

Compliments are a great tool of personal leader. They are not afraid to give them but they must be earned. Using them too often can be damaging. I like steak but getting it every day doesn’t make it special. I can remember in college while playing basketball, if I had a bad game and was taken out of the action – my coach wouldn’t say a word – we both knew it. However – when my performance was exceptional (rare) – the positive words motivated me to repeat it. You wanted to hear it so you knew you had to earn it. so make your praise means something.

Great leaders extract the best talent but tend to select the only the people who can raise the performance of the whole unit. They have to spot the rising stars and it doesn’t always mean that you give the promotion to the most talented. Teamwork and willingness to play a certain role in the work flow is critical.

Leaders always take the blame for mistakes publicly – they make correction privately and are quick to praise that employees when change happens.

Finally – caring leaders have to have a sense of humor and high standards for excellence. The greatest satisfaction comes from doing something great together but also have the ability to joke and have a good laugh when things go wrong. The balance between these two is often missed.

GTR – I am running to win the prize…

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