How Do You Spot a Great Leader?

We are in a day where we get hundreds of applications for every job opening. Great people come and go so spotting a great leader in any organization is becoming more difficult.  Leadership values are different with each organization or company.

How do you know when you are working with a great leader?

Some points to discuss:

1. They can solve complex issues which makes them valuable to the organization and usually get lots of feedback from across the ranks.

2. They are willing to take risks which comes from a great track record and leadership support. (freedom to bring innovation)

3. Values like integrity, self discipline and honesty are no longer supported by some companies – it is all about producing. Great leaders can do both – they have character and can deliver results.

4. In Jim Collin’s book “Good to Great” – he said it comes down to humility that get a person to Level 5 leadership. (Being Real)

5. Communication is a key – inspiration starts with looking at our real potential. Giving proper credit for contributions in the work place  is critical to raising the work of the entire organization.

6. Great leaders set clear goals that stretch their people. They are careful not to set too many so the focus can be centered on keeping it the “main thing.”

7. Great leaders set high standards – they see the benefits of change and push others to reach for it. (people skills)

How do you spot a great leader? What are those key attributes for true greatness? I would love to hear your thoughts.

Running to Win – GTR

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