Moving from Selfish to Selfless in Leadership

Life is all about making good choices. We all know we should drink more water and take the stairs to be healthier. In leadership choices, it comes down to our day to day values. In many work environments, some believe that if I win then someone else has to lose to get that promotion. That mindset is exactly the lesson that I want to speak to today.

Riding in a New Direction

I have seen so many leaders who actually work at putting down the work of others so they can appear smarter or even better at the task. It’s a ” You lose – I win” attitude. They go through their career totally focused on what they want others think about their work. They never come to that “ah-ha” moment when the focus shifts to really placing value on the work of others.

I would like to suggest three things will happen when this shift in attitude changes:

1. They begin to see how the strengths of others can help bring greater team success. (Vision)

2. They begin to serve and support the development of individual team members. They invest personally in their training because they care about their personal development. (Influence)

3. They stop worrying about what people think about their work and really focused on helping others to get the recognition they deserve. (Selfless)

“If anything goes bad, I did it. If anything goes semi-good, we did it. If anything goes really good, then you did it. ~ Bear Bryant

When they are successful – you are successful. The only person you should worry about is the opinion of your direct supervisor. Great leaders always see the potential in others first. But it does stop there – They invest their time in developing that talent.

When people feel their contribution matters….it can be a real game changer in the office.

I’m running to win this battle….GTR

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