Going “Simple” Is In

I don’t know about you but we have all reached a point where we have too many information sources, too many websites and passwords to keep up with. We expect our customers to navigate thousands of pages on our websites to get key information. Information overload has become a real issue for today’s leaders.

The new trend is to build programs that sit on top of others that integrate information into one easy access point.

The demand for increased internet security has created additional log in screens for users. Companies are building products that can us manage this growing complexity. I wonder why Microsoft doesn’t find a way to integrate Word, Excel and Outlook so we just have to open one tab?  Here are some products that I have found to make my life easier.  As they often said “Less is more” now.


Allows office teams or students to manage projects and information within your office or class. The company was founded by a team who felt that other project management and online collaboration tools were too complicated for every day users. With simplicity as the core focus, the team set forth to create an offering that was easy and fun to use. They have taken pride in offering a tool that actually changes the way people work. By making project management more social and accessible from all places and all forms of technology, it is no longer complicated to manage what needs to get done.

Google Readerhttp://www.google.com

Google Reader, works for you by keeping up with your favorite websites. It is as easy as checking your email. Google Reader constantly checks your favorite news sites and blogs for new content and pulls the new content into one place to read.

iphone – smart phones

The new smart phones make it easy to manage more than one email accounts into one inbox? Do you manage office email and your personal email – so why not integrate those functions into one place.


It allows me to integrate twitter with Facebook, my blog and other professional profile pages – all from the same tweet.


What are some of the tools / software that you are using to integrate your work? Let’s explore ways to make things easier – and choosing these kinds of products can have a profound impact on your leadership productivity.

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