Best iPhone Apps – My Top 10 App Recommendations for Busy Leaders

The power of your iPhone is limited to the apps you download and use. These apps has tremendous potential to help you become very productive at work and home. Time saved can lower your stress and increase time with the people you love.  Here is a list of my top 10 apps that can save time, enrich your life and make you more productive.

Best iPhone Apps for Busy Leaders

1. Genius Scan by The Grizzly Labs – Genius Scan turns your iPhone into a pocket scanner. It enables you to quickly scan documents on the go and email the scans as JPEG or PDF.

2. MapQuest 4 Mobile by AOL – MapQuest is the #1 provider of FREE voice-guided, turn-by-turn, GPS navigation for iPhone. Your phone speaks to you, telling you when to make a turn. Easily search with a single click while on the go. Stay on schedule by checking live traffic en route. If you take a wrong turn, MapQuest re-routes you automatically.

3. Web Capture – by DJM Development – WebCapture is a small utility application for your iPhone/iPod touch to help you capture screenshots of websites. The app simply takes screenshot photos of the website alone – no status or toolbars are shown in the screenshots

4. CardStar – lighten your wallet – Use CardStar® to consolidate your membership and reward cards for numerous national and regional merchants (including CVS, Best Buy, Petco and more). And when needed, effortlessly access your cards on-the-fly with a single touch from the CardStar home screen. Get real-time access to coupons, deals and exclusive offers from your favorite retailers with the touch of a button.

5. Dragon Dictation by Nuance Communications – Dragon Dictation is an easy-to-use voice recognition application powered by Dragon® NaturallySpeaking® that allows you to easily speak and instantly see your text or email messages. In fact, it’s up to five (5) times faster than typing on the keyboard.

6. Run Keeper by FitnessKeeper, Inc. – RunKeeper uses the GPS technology found in the iPhone to track your fitness activity, giving you comparable results to an expensive GPS watch. Now, you can also enter your activities manually, including your treadmill runs too!

7. by Faith Comes By Hearing – The FREE Bible app with the most translations in the world! 500+ languages including dramatized audio! Over 16,000 Five-Star ratings! READ the Bible, LISTEN to the Bible, and even SHARE the Bible with anyone in the world.

8. I Like Free Apps by App Tao Inc. – I like “I like FREE apps.” Discovering the best of limited-free and must-have apps. Both save your time and save your money.

9. Trip Tracker – Live Flight Status Tracker by Pageonce, Inc. – Get real-time status for flights, real-time itinerary push alerts, live weather reports, route maps, hotel information and car rental information to make your travel a breeze.

10. Bump – by Bump Technologies, LLC – Trading contact information – Bump™ makes sharing with people as simple as bumping two phones together. Just pick what you want to send, then hold your phones and gently bump hands with another Bump user. And now, you can message with your friends who aren’t near you — just add them as a friend inside of Bump and start messaging immediately

What iPhone apps have you found that are game changers for your leadership? Share them in the comment section.

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