The Language of Leadership

Many times we get frustrated with the action of people who work under our supervision. It is tempting to voice our frustration about one employee to others. Then the boss gives a whole different message of encouragement to that employee privately. Reaction based language can be a major tool to kill your creditability within your ranks. This is also true for employees when talking about the boss. It works both ways – doesn’t it?

It is best to give that honest feedback to the employee directly. There has been many cases where I have been talking to an employee that was being criticized openly by the boss – the message they were given was much different than what was being shared among other leaders. This has taught me a powerful language lesson for leadership. Don’t give in to that temptation to discuss your thoughts about an employee when they are not present. Be brave enough to take it directly to that employee and discuss it privately.

Are you coaching people to get better or just worrying about your own reputation? Your actions will speak your true language of leadership…influence or reputation – why can’t you have both…

Running to Win – GTR

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