Leaders Speak A Language They Understand

I have not written a blog on communicating across cultural lines. In a global economy – we must learn to understand the differences if we wish to be effective leaders. Many international companies are coming to America to set up production facilities and many American companies are expanding abroad to capture more of the international market. This video helps to set the tone for just how hard communication can be:


The US work force is becoming more diverse every day. Learning to communicate across cultural lines is essential to be successful in business.

Here are some tips to learn to communicate to clients from different cultures:

1. Immersion is the best way to begin to learn any culture.

2. Watch the humor or jokes in your conversation because they can be misunderstood.

3. We tend to overlook similarities and only notice just the differences. This is a common mistake.

4. There is always more variation within groups than you think – Stay away from stereotypes.

5. In some cultures, interrupting or emotional expressions are considered to be the normal conversational style.

6. Sometimes silence is used which shows thoughtfulness and respect to the person asking. Showing respect is a key for any conversation.

7. Seeking to understand them first is always a good approach. Too many times we tend to tell them what we think they want but we can miss the mark often by not listening.

What are others suggestions for those who run international businesses?

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