Great Leaders Attract and Keep the Best

The other day I was watching a football game and the announcer was asking how many head football coaches had worked for Nick Saban at Alabama? Great leaders attract great talent. Don’t they?
One of the greatest setbacks in reaching workplace excellence is getting and keeping great people. Turnover can be one of the biggest frustrations and is often the real show stopper to long term great performance. You have heard the phrase “Hire Tough – Manage Easy” – and we know it is important to hire the “right people.” The BIG question is how do we keep great talent? Here are some tips:

Building a Great Team

1. Great leadership is a key to keeping the “Best” – They won’t stay if they don’t see real growth opportunities or team success. Great leaders are like a magnet. They said most people leave a leader before they will leave their job.

2. Great young leaders need to be put on different work teams to allow their leadership skills to grow and be challenged. Too many times – we try to over manage them and take away the very strengths that could help the team.

3. Career development steps should be discussed more often with emerging leaders. This keeps them motivated and helps to develop the right expectations and timing for advancement. They first must develop as a good team player.  

4. Take the time to show your appreciation when great work is done. There is nothing more discouraging to talented people than a supervisor who is more focused on themselves and not on the success of others. (Read my “More Cowbell” blog)

5. Leaders always invest in others to help them to become successful. They provide resources to give them the ability to benchmark their ideas with the industry at large.

6. Leaders allow talent to take risks to try new ideas. In fact, they even fund them.

Are you attracting and keeping the best?

Running to win….

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