Enough Courage to Succeed

Courage to Dream Big

In the last few days I have been thinking about the word “Courage” and how it impacts our success in life.

So what is courage?

Courage is…

A friend who has lost over 100 pounds by taking up running and ran the Chicago marathon this past week – That is Courage.

It is serving your country when there is a personal risk. – That is Courage

It is doing the right thing even when it cost you or your company in the profit margin.

It is investing in others in the company instead of holding the knowledge for fear of job security.

Courage is choosing to say “Yes” when everything is telling you can’t. You don’t have the time, money, or the talent to get it done.

The most difficult thing is to believe it is possible. In fact, research shows when you set goals that are out of your comfort zone – your mind begins to focus on the negative part.

“You are the only person on earth that can use your ability” – Zig Ziglar

Every choice that you make has an end result… in fact in leadership, we tend to see people in the way we treat them.

How many times have you said you were going to do something and talked yourself out of it?

What if you didn’t listen to those negative thoughts and just did it….what kind of leader would you become? What kind of success would you experience?

If not now, then when? Write your goals down and then start taking small steps towards it. It is possible… my friend.

Running to win…GTR

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