Great Product – Bad Service Trap

Recently I had the opportunity to start a new relationship with a new doctor. I had heard great thing about the ability of this particular doctor. I called to make an appointment to make my first trip to the office. One week before the appointment, the office called and said they had two people by the same last name and they have confirmed my appointment with the other person so it was necessary to reschedule. The day of my first visit finally arrived – I entered the lobby 10 minutes early and after 75 minute wait – I was finally taken back to meet the doctor.The doctor was wonderful and even apologized for the long wait.

Bad Service Trap

My question is …when does bad service overcome a great product? Would you over look bad service for great food in a local restaurant? Would you go back if the service was great but the food was bad?

I think we tend to overlook bad service if the product is superior? However we tend to make quick changes if the quality is bad despite great service. Many times customers walk out before ever getting to experience how good your product can be. Leaders who don’t address service issues within the chain miss lots of opportunities to built a great business or see real growth in the company.

Great service can give you an advantage to allow more people to try your product. Bad service will limit that number. I debated about becoming a customer who complains – we all have experienced them. However , not telling the leader when they failed to meet my expectations would also be a mistake. Most customers don’t complain, they just don’t come back. Every leader should encourage feedback and then do something about correcting the problem. Your ability to sell the product will be transformed by the great experience the customer has each time they visit. Repeat customers are built on the basis of great service. First impression is critical to building customer referrals.

Yesterday a new employee ask me if I knew a good doctor in the area, I said didn’t know one that I would recommend.

How important is the total experience for the customer? What role does the leader play in address complains in service?

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2 thoughts on “Great Product – Bad Service Trap

  1. It’s true: advising a business re an inferior product and/or service is a delicate ‘balancing act’ that should ALWAYS be done with sensitivity and diplomacy. When done correctly (with empathy), the benefits can be quick AND VERY beneficial to all concerned, both consumer AND business.

    Explosive “bull-in-a-China-closet” diplomacy never accomplishes anything but flared tempers.

  2. Most smart business owners require the staff to let the manager know when customers are not happy. This step is important in holding employees accountable to deliver good service. Many managers also check in with customers to make sure they are served well.

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