Ten Things You Should Never Do in Leading Others

Great leadership begins with not doing certain things that will kill your creditability. Here is my list.

Bad decisions make impact too

1. Talk down to employees like they are stupid and tell them your way is all they need to worry about. You don’t pay them to think but only to do what they are told. – my way or trail way boss
2. Discount their good ideas because you didn’t come up with them.
3. Take credit for others work with management
4. Talk publicly about your employees in a negative way to others in the company.
5. Never stand up for your employees in tough company decisions
6. Spend all the training dollars on yourself
7. Never show them your sense of humor or show any interest in employee’s personal life
8. Compete personally with your employees to show them you can do it better.
9. Demand they follow company rules or policies that you don’t keep or openly support
10. Demand work that breaks the law or covers up illegal activity.

What would you add to the list?

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