Determination is More than Just Words

Determination is deciding to finally do something and staying with it until it is done. For some of you, it is adding something to your bucket list of things you want to do before you die. What about things you want to do now? What about your future – professional, family relationships, spiritual and financial goals? You know the things that you have been wanting to do but you keep talking yourself out of doing them because they require time. Losers say I don’t have the time and winners find the time.

determination creates new personal growth

Determination is actually making the decision TO DO something. Decisions can come from past failure, fear of failure, desire for excellence or it may be the next step in your personal growth. Determination is taking a risk to set the bar higher to do something greater. What is the difference between your goals and your mission? Goals are specific steps towards reaching a mission. You can fail at one of your goals and still find a way to reach the mission if you’re determined enough.

Muhammad Ali was considered one of the greatest heavy weight boxers, and he was always shouting “I am the greatest.” The art of being positive is great but is never enough. Ali was thinking like a champion but behind the scenes – he was training like a champ. The silver bullet is not just thinking positive but deciding to step out of your comfort zone and strive for something better.

Success can lead you to being too comfortable. If you are successful where you are – then why rock the boat? Right. I didn’t buy that line and decided to become open to making a change. The goal for me was getting to a place where I could see if I could stretch my leadership and influence to a new level. While also learning to help others to find this same place of success. The importance of greater influence and focus in helping others gave me a new sense of determination.

Becoming a leader at a new place requires you to train like a champion again and not just live off your past success. The closer you live to possible failure in the ring, the harder you must commit your daily focus and energy.

How determined are you to rise to a new challenge – this is your moment…. You are either going to move forward or fall backwards – but there is no standing still if you desire excellence.

Running to Win…GTR

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