The Art of Saying “Thank You”

I was moved by a recent blog post entitled: “Saying Thank You” by Patty Azzarello. You can read it at this link:

Finding more ways to say "Thank You"

The importance of saying “Thank You” for great work that happens everyday in the workplace is often replaced with work related pressure or even leadership tunnel vision. The ability to drive excellence in any office setting starts with letting people know that you value their individual contribution.

The more personal you can say thank you – the more powerful it is. I will never forget the first time we broke the enrollment record in 1990. My boss, Dale Goff, called me into his office and there he stood with a small cake with one burning candle. It was his way to celebrate the record with me personally. It didn’t stop there, he came to our offices later that day and rang a cowbell with an excited smile that made everyone feel they have done something great. It was personal and effective. We knew he appreciated our work.

Great leaders find ways to say thank you in meaningful and personal ways. I am thankful to have learned this lesson early in my career. I still need to find more time to say it more to those I work with everyday.

Thank you for reading my blog. I had over 1500 hits in October. This has tripled since October 2010. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

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