A Big Problem We Tend to Overlook

What if 10% of the company’s inventory turned up missing overnight? The leadership would launch a major investigation to find out who did it or how to prevent it in the future. However, when you have leaders who have great staff turnover, we tend to overlook it. Don’t we?

Exiting Employees is a Sign of Poor Leadership

Great leadership is like a magnet, it actually draws talented people to join the team.  In many cases, we try to justify why they are leaving, which is usually for more money. Many poor leaders also try to make the employee look bad that are leaving to deflect the criticism of poor leadership.

Employees who are appreciated and valued are more engaged in their work and are less likely to leave.

What are you doing today to build a better relationship with your greatest asset – your employees? If you don’t – someone else will.  Keeping great talent means giving them opportunities for personal growth while providing the right amount of recognition for great performance.

Running to Win…GTR

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