Information Overload, Why Leaders Struggle for Real Productivity

Many great leaders struggle to manage the use of smart phones, voice mail, email, texts, phone calls, and office meetings. Then you throw incoming sales calls, webinars, proposals and challenges….this can lead to information overload. People are so connected to information that they are now sending text messages while driving or checking their social networking sites at work.

Information Overload

There are times when you feel like you have a water hose in your mouth and you can’t drink it fast enough. You so overloaded that you become impatience in your approach to real engagement.

Information overload never allows you to really focus on a single issue with your total attention. We treat our work like we are surfing the web, never fully reading anything. How many meetings have you been to where they have assumed you have read the memo or their email? You go to a one hour meeting and you come back to the office and you have 100 emails that arrived in your inbox while you were away. The cc feature is out of control with email. Checking your email too often during the day can hinder your productivity.

IT company Atos has revealed plans to ban emails, despite having around 74,000 employees in 42 different countries.
The ‘zero email’ policy comes as the chief executive of the company believes that 90% of the emails sent and received are pointless and a waste of time, reports Thierry Breton, 56, explained: “It is not right that some of our fellow employees spend hours in the evening dealing with their emails. (Article Link)

How do you tell when you cross that overload line? You can spot those people who never really engage in the dialog. They sit in a location in the meeting room where they can check their email if the conversation becomes boring or doesn’t seem to engage them. They sit at red lights waiting and they have to check the email on their phone. They take phone calls in the middle of a conversation with you. They take their phone to the restroom. They are a junkie for the next information fix. They go to meetings unprepared and never give their work the right focus. Mistakes are usually created by their lack of attention to details.

Are you operating on a “mile wide” and an “inch deep” focus? Maybe your technology habits could be the problem…

How do you manage your incoming information – share your best tip?

Running to win…GTR

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