Cheaper is Not The Easy Path

Traveling during the holidays, it is easy to spot the veteran travelers. They have the routine down to a fine art. They navigate the airport like skilled pilots who make it look easy. Their attention to details and routine has avoided them many delays and some real time saving over the years. They have even learn to spot those who “don’t travel well” and seem to avoid their lines.

Do You Travel Well?

The $25 -$30 bag check fee has created real dilemma for some folks. This choice can make a trip pleasurable or a nightmare. I see folks parking in $19 a day parking and and then refuse to check a bag. It’s a choice we all have to make.

My point is these little decisions can have big impact on what we can accomplish. They will cost you either time or comfort on the journey. Deciding when to make these kinds of change are very critical to any type of leadership success. In leadership, too often our personal choices have profound impact on those who follow us too. Are you making choices that others would want to follow or respect… Does your team think you travel well?

Little things matter in everything…they are related
Eating and weight control
Exercise and energy levels
Exercise and stress management
Good decisions and chronic problems
Respect from others and your attitude
Giving and receiving
Being a friend and having friends

Leaders understand this principle and discipline themselves in the little things. Those decisions allow them “travel well” in their leadership journey.

What new decisions do you need to make in 2012?

Running to Win…GTR

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