Who Is Setting Your Standard?

In every profession or sport – there are leaders who inspire others. Successful people draw public attention not because they’re necessarily different but they get the job done under any kind of pressure. In many cases, everyone else is measured by the standards they set. So what is a “standard” – Put at its simplest, a standard is an agreed, repeatable way of doing something. Some people set standards to maintain the quality while others use it to raise the bar.

Are you pushing for higher standards?

Thousands of books are written every year which attempt to give readers some winning standards from everything from investing to running a business.

I just watched Bubba Watson win the 2012 Masters Golf Tournament and was moved by his emotions as he knelled over to get his golf ball out of the 18th hole cup. Emotions are natural when you have pushed hard to reach a new goal. He said in a post win interview – “I never gotten this far in my dreams”… we are all moved by successful people who have work hard enough to reach their dreams.

“One gift creates appreciation, many gifts creates expectations” ~Tony Bright

Developing a higher standard means you have create a way of doing something that others recognize as successful. Success is measured by how often you can reach that same level of performance. We all love to be around those kind of winners. They get the promotion and respect of others.

Whatever the profession, these leaders are out there – they are people who step up to the plate everyday and deliver. You may be that person at work. You can spot them in an office conversation, people stop to listen when they speak. You learn quickly to trust their judgment when you’re unsure because of their high standards. This respect gives them opportunities that others don’t get.

Mike Wallace, 60 minutes program host died this weekend. He set the standard for the program for years to come. He was know for his interview style which gave the show its current success and following.

You will either set the standard or you will follow somebody else. My question is “who is setting your standard?”

We are now living in a world where declining values, growing financial debt and there is even more hunger for success. We are so eager for leadership today that many are trying to get there quickly by taking short cuts. (i.e. dishonesty, steroids or cheating).

Everyone knows somebody who is successful in their industry or profession. What attributes do these winners have?

1. Their passion drives their actions
2. They never settle for reaching easy goals
3. Their intensity matches their goal
4. They are not discouraged by circumstances or lazy people.
5. They attract other talented people to the organization.

I look forward to hearing your comments…About your experiences.

Running to Win…GTR

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2 thoughts on “Who Is Setting Your Standard?

  1. Nice piece on leadership, coach. That’s right, GTR has inspired me to get back on the runners trail, toward excellence in business, that one can accomplish more by supporting others on their own journey, and to dream the impossible so it becomes a reality when blessed by our Creator. Thanks, Gary.

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