Ten Clear Signs You Might Be in the Wrong Job

It’s no secret the world around us is changing fast. People are afraid of losing their jobs these days.  Being in the wrong job is like staying in a bad relationship. This missing gap for real job satisfaction takes a huge psychological toll.  This kind of mindset can impact your job performance, attitude and health. People who become dissatisfied at work tend to disengage from the process. Real job satisfaction only comes from knowing that your work matters and is making a real difference.

Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.~ Confucius

Ten Clear Signs You’re in the Wrong Job:

10. Your skills are outdated – you are still trying to master Word 2003 and the company upgrades to 2010 version of Microsoft Word.

9. You’re ashamed to tell people where you work

8. Out of balance  – you feel no motivation to care about your body despite declining health concerns from your doctor.

7. You actually look forward to taking sick days because it gets you out of work

6. The company stops providing any money for your professional development.

5.  No meaningful work results – you may see increasing supervisor demands. More meetings with your boss. More reports are required on your progress. More daily direction

4.  You have more ambition than your office colleagues – You would switch careers in a heartbeat if you only knew what you wanted to do instead.

3. You have become the number one critic of the company merit base system.

2. You don’t support company policies and procedures because you think they are stupid and a huge waste of time.

1. Increasing conflicts – You complain a lot and your mood swings between being a victim, self-righteous or angry.

If you recognize yourself a little too much in these warning signs, then maybe you should use them as a wake-up call. You owe it to yourself to look around for something worthy of your passion, time and energy.

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