NY Middle Schoolers Bullied 68-Year-Old Bus Monitor Karen Klein

The online videos of Klein’s treatment at the hands of her adolescent charges in Greece, a town in upstate New York, are pretty hard to watch. The gross disrespect and foul language used by these middle school students should send every parent a wake up call to teach your kids about showing proper respect for elders or people in leadership.

Respecting leaders is something that has to be taught

Due to international public outcry on the verbal abuse that Karen experienced, it has prompted a Canadian man to raised money to send Karen on a vacation. At this point, over 25,000 people have donated more than 500,000 dollars.

Karen was interview on national news concerning this experience.

I’m thankful that I had parents who taught me why it was important to respect elders and people in leadership.

How did we get from that to this level of respect? Your comments would be appreciated.

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