Game Changing Moments in Life

In everyday life, we all face key moments where you seem to have everyone’s attention. It could come at an opening line in a speech, or maybe an opening handshake in an important interview or even the way you react in front of others to getting bad news. Those critical moments are often the best chance to convince people that you are ready for the challenge. They always say that you either win or lose a job interview in the first ten minutes. Preparing for potential questions or taking time to learn something about the interviewer or company is often overlooked.

Inspiring others makes you a game changer!

Life is full of game changing opportunities that are captured everyday by great leaders. The guy that remembers your name 6 months later, the person that sends the thank you note or takes time to listen – has the best chance of making a lasting impression on others. These type of leaders care more about getting to know their guest rather than talking “to them” the whole time.

Wise men speak because they have something to say, fools because they have to say something.” ~Plato

I admire folks who take a genuine interest in the people they encounter throughout the day. They have a way of opening the door for a deeper connection with people. I have met several leaders who think that people only want to hear a monologue. You know them, one question and they high jack the conversation and often miss the opportunity to enjoy developing meaningful relationships. Life is centered around their needs and not others. You have to join their game to get on the radar. Game changers take any situation or room and make it better by engaging with others with the right motive. They are consistent day in and day out…

Game changers habits: (what else would you add to the list?)

1. They never let their cell phone or checking email become more important than the people they are with!

2. They will write names down if that is what it takes to remember them.

3. They do their homework – knowing the background of the person you are meeting with will help you to communicate better.

4. They get to know the people personally. It may just surprise you to find that your co-worker is an leading expert on white water canoeing or raising quarter horses. Those special interest become great connection points.

5. Game changers know that words of encouragement can influence others.

5. They are good at discovering the important details that are critical in business partnerships or friendships. It is the personal connections that usually is the final selling point. I selected your company because I like doing business with you. It’s personal in some cases.

People who take time to build quality relationships and remain consistent in the way they treat others will have the greatest influence and lasting legacy. Leaders who only focus their attention on their own desires or only on the sales goal will live a lonely life after they step down from that place of authority. Game changers build their success on building positive relationships.

What is the best word to describe a real game changer?

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