Tips for a Successful Career in Today’s Marketplace

All it might take is having the difficult task of letting go a long term employee who has not changed or grown with his job, or maybe a close friend who had a stress related heart attack to encourage you to think about what it takes to have a successful life.

You must ask yourself the hard question – Is your approach to work and life worthy of becoming a model for others? If you were asked to give a speech to graduating seniors – if they were watching your daily habits — what kind of story would they be hearing? Would your speech or tips come from others that you know or would you be sharing rules that you actually live by daily.

You walk in the room and the ballroom is filled with college seniors and their parents who are excited about graduation on Saturday and they have invited you to share for fifteen minutes on “How to have a successful work career.” The burden of the moment hits you as you see their focus on you as you walk to the stage.

Your mind ponders what can you say that will actually have some impact. Then you realize you don’t remember any words of any speakers at your own graduation weekend. Better yet – you don’t even remember their names at this stage in life. Reassuring right…

In your limited time – You decide to share these tips as they continue to eat their over priced banquet meal. You tell them you are honored to be invited to speak at their final banquet.

In the days leading up to the event – you have struggled with which tips you would share. You tried to focus on who you were speaking to today. Millennials are so much different from when you grew up. So the moment has come for you to share….

What would you say? What advice have others given you?

Maybe one of these tips: you think

1. Today’s leaders will have to learn more than one skill to become valuable in today’s workplace. In fact, I have seen people earn additional income from their other skills as they move through their careers. In many cases, the additional skills are what they needed to boost their career to the next level. In some cases, our job will be impacted by either technology, company growth or simply just changes in the profession. So your lack of growth can potentially end your career.

2. Work harder on yourself than you work on your job. Learn more that one language. Unlike years ago, travel and international business has opened up many opportunities. Have the ability to communicate with other people extends your network and connections.

3. We are impacted by what we know- you must learn from your personal experiences – one way is learn from your negative experiences – we can learn what is right by making costly mistakes. They say If you survive your first heart attack – you more likely to live a long time – it is your wake up call to changing poor habits – If you will change – everything will change for you.

3. Don’t just be a go-getter; be a go-giver. “Make important personal connections every day to people you otherwise would take for granted, like the clerk at the car repair business , or the IT rep at the office.” Learn to appreciate others who have strengths around you. When you value others – you are developing the heart of a servant leader. When you allow others to shine, you benefit from the trust that develops.

Now here is the miracle piece – are you ready? – it all starts with taking the first steps or taking some action – we are affected by what we do…activity becomes the labor pain that produces a successful life. You must learn to measure your own progress – it is a gradual thing. Never staying on the same level of learning each year. We must grow on a new level of maturity and skill each year.

4. Everyone has to have a way to find some rest along the journey. “I am not against hard work or big accomplishments. All parts of your journey are going to be better when we learn to unplug and recharge.” We take better care of our Smartphones than ourselves, always nervously hunting for a recharge station when we sense our phone batteries run low. Take care of your inner circle of support. Find time to fill up their mailboxes. The support and scheduled rest will be the fuel for your journey. Keep commitments to yourself. If you can’t keep your word to yourself – then how can others trust you.

What else you you share?

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