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Gary Ray is the Vice President for Enrollment Services at Texas Woman’s University in Denton Texas, which includes supervision to the following units: the offices of Admissions, Financial Aid, Registrar and Student Records. Ray completed his graduate studies in Educational Leadership. Before assuming his current position, he served as the Vice President for Administration, Vice President for Enrollment Managment & University Relations, Assistant Vice President of Institutional Advancement and Director of Admissions at Lee University.

Ray’s specialty is enrollment research, recruitment, web marketing trends and retention. He also participated in Harvard University Graduate College of Education’s Institute for Educational Management during the summer of 2000. Apart from his associate vice presidential role, he enjoys long distance running, attending sporting events, oil painting, and he is proud of his collection of coffee mugs.Ray is originally from Madison, Alabama. He and his wife Anita Humberston Ray are both graduates of Lee University. His graduate studies include University of Tennessee and West Georgia University. They have two children, Kevin and Jessica.My blog is only an  opportunity to share my thoughts on important lessons I have learned in leadership. My intentions are to give credit for quotes and inserts as much as possible. Sometimes I do make mistakes so If you see a paragraph or quote that should be credited – send me an email – I would be glad to add it.  I do use quotes or paragraphs from other sources to set up my own points.





5 thoughts on “My Bio

  1. My first day on Lee’s campus, brought me to the realization I was no longer in Miami. As I walked towards Ellis Hall, the realization of being in an unfamiliar setting hit me. The diversity I experienced and was accustomed to living in South Florida was 800 miles away. Everything I held dear was nowhere to be found. Although this was my initial impression, my overall outlook while at Lee changed! The year I arrived was 1991. Looking back at the support you, Lorraine and Vicky provided me, showed your vision and commitment to diversify Lee. The pictures of the initial A-Force team and those that followed during your leadership are evidence of your leadership. A picture is worth a thousand words!

    Many of the things I’ve been able to accomplish and strive to do is because of your willingness to guide those you lead. Thank you for always making me feel welcomed! Thank you for providing me the tools to succeed! Thank you for your willingness to mentor! Thank you for allowing me to make a friend for life! I’m honored!

    As you venture off to new opportunities and a new setting, I would be remised if I didn’t feel envy, knowing that what I held sacred and true will now have to be shared with Texas and the whole world. Then again, how can leadership like yours be confined to a small setting like Cleveland? Your leadership needs to be exported and experienced by all. They better get ready!

    Well Gary Ray, as you venture off to new opportunities, remember you have a loyal followers willing to follow wherever you lead. I know I’m looking forward to hearing of all your continued success!


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