My Purpose


This website is about lessons and stories on leadership. I have been very blessed to have worked for some great leaders over my career. I hope to share some those reflections here on what they have taught me about leading people.  I will also list some book reviews that have enriched my understanding of what it takes to  be a good leader.

Lots of development still needed

The desire to lead well is something I am still striving for everyday. Life is full of experiences that shape us along the way.  Since motivation is a key to writing – please let me know you enjoy the blog by leaving me a comment or sign up to follow the blog. Those really help to inspire me to write again. This blog is dedicated to those listed below who have taught me about leading others:

Mark Ray – Dad

Grandmother Ray

Joe Farquhar – Childhood Friend’s Dad

Paul Conn – Lee University President & Friend

Dudley Pyeatt – Mentor and Friend

Jim Sharp – Community Leader & Friend

Dale Goff – VP Lee University- Former Boss & Friend

Stan Butler – Personal Friend

Cleveland Mayor Tom Rowland

Larry Carpenter – Friend and Coach

Richard Nicholas – Current Supervisor

David Tilley – Former Supervisor

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