How to Get in the Game When You’re Scared to Death

Thousands of college graduates are entering the workforce every year with great expectations. They are leaving the comfortable lives of being supported by their parents and usually have high aspirations in going for their dream job. Most parents have made it too easy by providing too much support which has prevented them from really experiencing much failure from their bad choices. Entering the game now means you know the rules of the game or life.

“Time to get into the Game”

Barriers to getting in the game:

  • What is there about you right now – that is a liability to becoming all you can be? What do you need to do differently in the future?
  • You may have passed on offers for entry level jobs
  • Changing jobs too often because you think you can always find something better.
  • Taking too many financial risks because you expect other people to step in when you need help – this is dependence and not responsibility.
  • You don’t do your homework before you make impactful decisions
  • Impatience creates bouncing to the next great opportunity
  • Your commitment doesn’t match your expectations
  • Priorities like time management and social life are out of alignment with your work responsibilities

Tips to becoming a major player:

  • Develop the attitude that working hard can help you to land other jobs
  • Do little jobs that you are assigned with real excellence. Quality over speed.
  • Solve problems instead of complaining about them like others in the ranks
  • Be a great follower and know how to make your role an asset
  • Develop a high level of trust with your boss
  • Get along with other people in the organization – work to be a great partner in helping others to be successful.
  • Make changes that are based on a long term plans – does this step or decision help you to achieve your future dream job.
  • You must align yourself with people that will encourage you!
  • Find People, like you, who are seeking to become better. accountability!

Playing to Win:

Research says that 87% of our thoughts are negative about our own goals or dreams. Start saying YES to your dreams or maybe “Why Not Me?” Many people never act on their dreams because they allow their past experiences to determine what their future possibilities are. No one knows where you can go or dream – No one knows what you are capable of – you don’t even know your full potential right now.

If you are not willing to risk, then you can’t grow – If you can’t grow, you won’t be your best. If you can’t be your best – you will not be happy. If you can’t be happy – then what else is there?

What are some of the biggest problem you have made when you started?

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