Who’s Side Are You On?

While watching the summer Olympics, it was nice to see America come together as one team under the USA jerseys. The men’s basketball team had the USA flag logos on their uniforms connected to a real solider’s name and each player knew the name he was representing. Each athlete knew they represented something larger than themselves.

In today’s society, we have been divided on about everything – labels have become more important. We see it in politics, friendships, churches, and businesses even promote the differences through upgrades that have higher price tags and social status.

This mindset works against teamwork, unity and a common cause. There is no “I” in team. America was built on a common vision. Distrust, personal agendas and greed are the enemy of unity in any organization.

Finding a common vision, building teamwork and mutual respect is one of the greatest challenges that leaders face today. How can we get people on the same team?

Who’s team are you on – that is an important question to answer first.


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